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Robert Fouts

Robert Fouts


Robert (Bob) spent 40 years expanding his small family business into one of the largest and most respected brand name in the high performance custom automotive industry: EARLS Performance Products. In 1985, he became President of the company and supervised all aspects of manufacturing, advertising, distribution and customer service. In 1999, he negotiated the sale of Earls to Holley, and retired with his wife. They enjoyed spending their time in Las Vegas, Hawaii, and England until the Real Estate crash in 2008.

Bob then settled in Las Vegas with his wife and began re-building their future. He began helping buyers find their ideal home on a part-time basis in 2008. More recently, he has  devoted much more time to helping buyers find that special property and sellers find the perfect buyer. 

Bob's extensive background in the business world makes him a valuable agent; he knows how to treat clients and will help you reach your real estate goals.