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Craig Inglish

Craig Inglish


Originally from Arizona, Craig has over 20 years of law enforcement and public safety experience as a police officer and public safety technology expert assisting large cities in implementing systems to better protect their communities. He brings decades of detail orientation and contract negotiations to the real estate community here in Vegas.

Craig knows the decision to buy a home is often one of the largest purchases you will make and can be time-consuming and stressful. His main goal is to reduce the stress and cut down the time it takes for you to find your new home by providing you the level of service, care and professionalism you deserve.

Craig will not stop working for you until you are enjoying your new home.

He is also a husband, to the love of his life, and has four amazing children. In their free time, they like to travel and experience all the little adventures of life. They also enjoy spending the sizzling summer days of Vegas on the lake.

When you are ready for the great adventure of buying a new home, Craig is ready with you!